Register System 9.0

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Register System 9.0

Мнение от gil5587 » 08 ное 2018, 16:32

mar1anx написа:
08 ное 2018, 15:04
I set up the register system and after I create my account and change the map I can not log in.
The login menu appears and disappears and I can not press the 1 key to log in.
I removed all the plugins and it does the same.
is it the problem of reapi and regamedll?
Same for me..
Use what Ivi sent up^^

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Register System 9.0

Мнение от OciXCrom TM » 08 ное 2018, 22:41

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mar1anx Ciungea
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Register System 9.0

Мнение от mar1anx Ciungea » 09 ное 2018, 00:11

OciXCrom™ написа:
08 ное 2018, 22:41
There's a new plugin you can try -

this registry requires your name and password but saves on steamid, and I need to save the name you have when you connect to the server to protect xp from ranksystem


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