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CSDM VIP request

Мнение от hideath » 27 Мар 2020, 14:45

Hey there,

I hope everyone is going well and lock out of Covid virus :confused: :confused:
Which gives you more time to somes CS 1.6 and fun :D :D

Anyway, i'm trying since some time to cut & combine few plugins to make a CSDM VIP plugin,
if anyone would help, i'll be really thankful!

What i want:
  • Snipers only for VIPs
  • Bullet time in real time, in a new style
  • +X HP For kill with cvar
  • +X HP For HS kill with cvar
  • Custom Max HP for VIPs
  • No fall damage
  • /vipmenu with the current items
    • Start HP in spawn
    • Start armor in spawn
    • Custom Speed
    • Custom Gravity
    • Grenades Kit (all the grenades HE, FB, SG)
    • Lower visibility
You can use and combine these two plugins which have majority of the features in it,
i have tried multiple times, but found myself screwing up codes each time :confused: :confused:

PS: VIP items should work 1 at once, which means the VIP can switch from 1 feature to another which will be changed in spawn, can't have both o_O

Thanks in advance!
Последно промяна от OciXCrom на 27 Мар 2020, 15:16, променено общо 1 път.
Причина: Moved to AMXX requests section!

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